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Retuning through sound, light, color and scent vibrations

Just as the compass
guides the navigator
a dancer
or a martial artist
works from their center
their tan tien.

It's where that sign of relief
comes from.
It's the source
of those gut feelings.
Its the place deep inside you
that knows your path.

Inspired by the ancient philosophy of living from your center.


TanTien’s vision is to provide products and services that help 
people live in harmony with the universal life force, allowing 
them to fully experience the joy of life and contribute to our 
global dance in meaningful ways; to experience health through sound, light, color and scent vibrations. 


Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, 
including the cells of the human body.


Retuning our own vibrations, through sound, light, color and scent vibrations, to experience the deeper longer 
lasting effects of etheric healing, realigns one's energy
 physically, spiritually and emotionally.


Our consciousness expands, and our minds and bodies 
become more balanced, allowing us to reenter life, 
connected in harmony with nature, living from the tan tien,
 chi centered, in joy.


TanTien donates
10% of profits to the education and feeding of the children of the world.